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The Dangers of Using Outdated/Manual Data Storage Methods As Your Primary Data Backup Solution.

A common problem among small- and medium-sized businesses is a lack of a comprehensive and reliable data backup solution for their vital information assets. Many times we see business owners using manual methods, such as burning CDs or backing up to portable storage devices. This is risky business when considering the cost your company can face with lost time, money, and, in the case of complete failure or disaster, the permanent loss of critical data.

The Solution?

The first step is research. There are many server-based solutions available to you. The key is to find the right fit for your organization. You can request the assistance of your trusted computer consulting firm or go online and conduct your investigations yourself. One solution to consider is a storage area network (SAN), because of the flexible, networked storage infrastructure SAN provides. This decouples storage devices from their respective servers, preventing permanent data loss and securing your data assets in the event of a disaster.

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