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What To Do If Your Windows XP, Vista or 7 Operating System Is Not Shutting Down Properly

Is your Windows operating system hanging up when you try to shut it down? Are you forced sometimes to hold the power button to force it to shut down? This is something that can happen after a virus update, after a new software install, or for no reason at all.

The first thing you will want to do is run your anti-virus software to check for a malware infection. If no infection is found, then the next step is to determine which software program on your computer is causing the hangup.

While there is no quick fix that guarantees you will find the faulty program on your own, one option you have is to review the programs that are set to auto-start when you turn your computer on. Here’s what to do:

Click the START button and type msconfig into your search box.
Click the START-UP tab. This tab will show you all the programs that are set to auto-start with your computer.
Go through the list of programs with a checkmark and uncheck the ones that you know for sure do not need to startup with your computer (e.g. – AIM, Quicktime, etc.).
After you have made your changes, save them and restart the computer.

CAUTION: Changing your startup configuration can negatively impact your computer’s functionality if you deselect a critical process that is needed to run. Only make changes that you are 100% certain about. You are welcome to call us if you are not sure and we will be happy to assist you.

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